Modified Co-polymeric Isolator


MCI is a kind of double- component protecting and waterproofing membrane based on cement and acrylic resin. Elasticity, durability and strong adhesion to concrete, steel pipes and other construction materials are among the features of this material.

  • Toxin free
  • Strong adhesion to surfaces
  • Protecting surfaces against carbonation and penetration of CL
  • Elongation capability and flexibility
  • High strength against frost
  • Resistant to salts
  • Ultimate strength against acidic and alkaline materials
  • Easily applied
  • Eliminating permeability of the applied sections
  • Non-preventing again concrete ventilation
  • No flammability
  • Resistant to algae and moss

1.2-1.5 kg of MCI is to be used depending on the porosity of sub-grades.

  • Sealing stone, brick and concrete reservoirs
  • Isolation of surfaces of water and wastewater treatment- houses
  • Providing cover to concrete water and wastewater transmission lines
  • Elimination of leakage and damp from underground facilities and balances
  • First of all, the sub-grades should be free from any loose particles, dust, paint, grease and etc.
  • Create a haunch with minimum dimensions of 3×3 cm all through the seams between the floor and wall making use of the special repair agent ofM. Super Repair.
  • All uneven and porous surfaces and the holes between the bolt and etc. are to be filled with special repair agent and leveled.
  • Liquid and powder components should be mixed using electric stirring system ( drill fin ) and always add the powder component to the liquid. The electric stirring system should be running when adding the powder portion to liquid portion. This helps an improved mixing.
  • Wet, by using fresh water, all the surfaces on which the sealing materials are to be applied.
  • After a full mixing of the components has been realized and a homogenous mixture has been prepared, apply the material on the surface using a brush with uniform bristles and apply a second coat of the material after the first coat has dried up ( in a way that it wouldn’t stick to fingers when touching). With the second coat of the material having dried now keep the surface moist for 24 hours by spraying water on it.

Note 1: the final layer shouldn’t exceed 1-2 mm in thickness. Avoid the application of thicker layers.

Note 2: The mixed materials should be used up within at most 20-30 minutes.


Storage time: The product may be stored for 9 months in its original package away from any frost, humidity, and sunlight.

– Component A (Liquid): 5.4 kg buckets

– Component B (powder): 6.6 kg sake

MCI is not toxic; however safety glasses and gloves should be worn when applying the material.

Be Beware of eye contact. In case of contact rinse with water

The product conforms to the following standards:

ASTMc96-e96m-05-astm c140

ASTM C836- ASTM D4060